Anyone who’s seen 3 of my other 6 blogs–specifically this one, this one and this one–will likely dismiss this blog and me as being hypocritical: How can I talk about those things for almost four years and then suddenly want to start talking about The Bible and Religion in the middle of 2016?

The fact that I linked to them from here shows I am very transparent about the many things I talk about online. I challenge people to call me out when I contradict myself–if I don’t do it on my own, of course. As would be the case with those three blogs in particular with this one.

An obvious thing to say is “Well, if you’re doing this then those three should go then”, yes? Not necessarily. Each of my blogs are for a different type of audience. This is why my approach with all of them is different from each other. I have a way of connecting with my intended audience with each of my blogs.

That brings me to the subject of who THIS blog is for: Everyone.

Unlike so many Christian blogs and websites I’ve seen that are either anti-everyone else, “catch and release” or caters only to their base, this blog is much more open-ended. The blog serves 2 main purposes:

  1. An outlet for me to freely talk about my faith in detail.
  2. Discuss popular myths and rumors I know some folks have heard about The Bible, which by the way CAN be trusted.

…That’s it. I’m not doing this to “shame” or “bash” those with differing views BUT some of the things I will talk about on this blog will not be well received. I’m not doing this to “save” anyone (though if that ends up happening, I take no credit). I’m doing this because I want to and I get something out of it. Simple, yes but simply honest.

…I will ammend this page as I make new blog posts from time to time.