How to respectfully decline Missionaries or Evangelists who approach you

…This is sure to draw a bit of controversy but I feel like it’s extremely important that I go over this as many times as needed. This is coming from someone who is a big believer in the need for more Evangelism locally, nationally and internationally. Not the Americanized made for TV stuff our elected officials subscribe to and want everyone in America to. I mean REAL Evangelism that isn’t afraid to call out foolishness and doesn’t make excuses for morally bankrupt politicians. I’ll talk about this more in a separate blog post and won’t digress further.


Getting back on topic.


Now me, I live in Boston. For those who don’t know, it’s a major city in America and is east of New York.

Over the last two years, I’ve noticed Jehovah’s Witness Missionaries with pamplet carts stationed in some of the major MBTA stations as Downtown Crossing, Copley Square, Kenmore Square and even outside Fenway Park. They’re a friendly, alert bunch who eagerly engage curious passersby who stop to see what they’re about, Bibles ready.

Here’s a picture (not in Boston):

Jehovah’s Witnesses lead all the Christian denominations in America as far as Evangelism is concerned and by a VERY large margin. No one else comes close and at times it can be intimidating because of how passionate some can be.

…Of course, this is different from what I usually see at Dudley Square and a few other transit hubs in Boston that I frequent. What I usually see are elderly women from certain Christian denominations standing next to station entrances or walking subway platforms handing out pamplets to everyone in sight.

Mind you, there are also the…let’s call them “Well-intended” Evengelists. I mean folks like this:

And this:


Yes, I’m going there. I’ve heard the guys on bullhorns in Downtown Boston a few times. It’s a full-time job for them and I’m not knocking them for what they do. What’s the problem? They’re mostly wasting their time. Their methods are not only ineffective but in the case of the second picture, it’s quite dangerous: What’s more likely to happen is they will either get people to go along with their teachings out of fear or they will chase people away.

The Gospel is Good News. Telling people they’ll burn in hell if they don’t repent, get baptized and/or go to church…that should be considered a form a terroism. Plus it’s not true. I’ll explain why in more detail in a separate blog but for now I want to refer folks to John 3:17, which reads:

I’m going to assume everyone knows the verse before it, John 3:16 (For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.). It’s extremely important for Evengelists and Missionaries that they keep John 3:17 in mind as well. The problem is too often, they cherrypick verses for shock value or to draw attention to themselves.


That sign in the earlier picture? It’s very misleading without the proper context. By itself, it’s easy for one to assume God will punish you if you don’t repent, get baptized and start going to church ASAP. That’s not how it works and that’s my point. Again, I’ll return to this in a separate blog post.

Back to the earlier topic, I’m sure many of you have had this type of encounter at home:

I’m talking about the textbook door to door evangelist. Until recently, your only way to avoid this encounter was to hopefully see them coming and tell everyone inside to make the house look like no one’s home (LOL!). More recently, one can get a home security system and just not go near the front door.

…Then again, who wants to live like that? Besides, they’re not paid to do what they do. They do it because they want to.

…Which brings us to respectfully declining Evangelists. Both those you encounter in public and those who knock on your door. I hope the wait was worth what I’m about to say. Now, I’m going to break this into a few categories depending on weather you’re a Christian, Athiest or follow another belief. This is of course assuming you’re in the U.S.


  • Door to Door (Christian): Tell them your denomiation, then Recite John 3:17, then offer to pray with them. Afterward, send them on their way.
  • Door to Door (Athiest): Go to the door with your smartphone. Tell them you’re exercising your 1st Amendment right to Freedom of Religion which includes Freedom FROM Religion (Yes, you can say this!). Afterward, tell them you’re not interested in what they have to say and if they don’t leave at once, they will be considered tresspassing and the police will be called (which again, you can do). If for some reason they don’t back off here then take out your phone and take a picture before making the call. You can file a complaint against their church. The officer who arrives will explain the process.
  • Door to Door (Other Faith): Tell them you are <Insert Faith Here>. Unless you are genuinely interested in hearing them out, tell them you’re not interested in what they have to say. If they don’t back off, tell them they will be considered tresspassing and the police will be notified.
  • Approached in Public (Christian): Tell them your denomination, then recite John 3:17, then offer to pray with them. Afterward, go about the rest of your day.
  • Approached in Public (Athiest): Politely tell them you’re not interested in what they have to say and walk away. If they make a rude comment or say something to get a reaction out of you, ignore them and walk away without looking back. If they persist and follow you, take out your phone and tell them you don’t feel safe and you WILL call the police if they don’t leave you alone. Then follow through with it.
  • Approached in Public (Other Faith): Tell them you are <Insert Faith Here>. Unless you are genuinely interested in hearing them out, tell them you’re not interested in what they have to say and walk away. If they make a rude comment or say something to get a reaction out of you, ignore them and walk away without looking back.


…Why such a strong rebuke? Because with some Evangelists, they won’t take no for an answer the first time (ie. Jehovah’s Witness and Jesuit Evangelists). Some of you might be thinking “Why would you tell non-believers they don’t need God?” about now. I’m not. I’m simply telling them they ARE protected by the laws of this country. It works both ways and that’s my point.

See, this is something many Christians in America want special treatment over. They want to force their definition of Christianity on others and feel anyone who disagrees with them is either wrong or shouldn’t be allowed to live in this country. Like I said before, Freedom of Relgion works both ways, Yes, you are protected if you practice a particular faith but you are ALSO protected if you don’t practice ANY faith.

That, my friends is the point of this post.

I resisted the urge to go off topic on more than a few occasions. The other threads I touched on will certainly be covered in separate posts in time.




What Seventh Day Adventists Believe: The Sabbath Day

…Before I begin, I ask that you bookmark this webpage. That’s an official source from the SDA Church. I will make it a point to include that link in every post in which I talk about the SDA Church for the sake of transparency.

Now, let’s get started:

This is what your calendar says. When you learn to recite the days of the week, you start with the first day, which is SUNDAY and end with SATURDAY, which is the seventh day. What does the Bible have to say? Here are a few verses:

The Bible makes it crystal clear. The Seventh Day is the Sabbath, nor was it ever changed by God OR Jesus.


Notice something interesting about the 4th Commandment: It is the only one that begins with the word “Remember”. Don’t you find it more than a little strange it says “Remember” and not “Thou Shalt” like the other 9 of the 10 Commandments? This was no accident, oversight or coincidence.

There is only one reason God, in his infinite wisdom would phrase the 4th that way: Knowing the future, God knew efforts would be made by others to change The Sabbath. Turns out he was wise to do this so far in advance as most Christians observe Sunday, which is NOT The Sabbath.

…Why is that? That’s a whole other topic and it will be covered in detail across seveal posts in time.

What I can and will say is there is nothing in the Bible to support the Sabbath Day being changed from the Seventh Day to the First Day. In fact, the entity responsible for changing it is pretty open about it, too. Who did it and why? That will be discussed another time in another blog.

I actually thought I posted this last September when I drafted it but it looks like I didn’t. I have alot of catching up to do it seems.




President Trump’s “Religous Liberty” Executive Order shatters the wall between Church and State


…While true it is nothing more than an op-ed, it establishes the precident needed to turn the United States into a Theocracy at a moment’s notice. It doesn’t matter if you yourself identify as a Christian, which this E.O. is partial to. The problem is the intent behind it. What problem? A State Religion, which the American colonies were created specifically to get away from almost 400 years ago.

Serious questions need to be raised to our elected officials in regards to this E.O. in particular. Both with the intent and if there are safeguards to protect those who do not identify as “Christian”. That said, there are nearly a hundred different Christian denominations in the U.S. The obvious next question is “Which one?”

…Speaking as a Seventh Day Adventist, there is an obvious short answer to this question: Whoever keeps Sunday as the Sabbath Day, not Saturday. This is the unique difference that sets Adventists apart from the other denominations: We keep and honor the original seventh-day Sabbath, which is Saturday and not Sunday. I can spend a dozen blog posts on why the other denominations worship on Sunday and I certainly will. Just not right now. It’s extremely important those of you who worship on Sunday understand the big picture and yes, it DOES matter. More so in regards to the United States.

I’ll leave you with this to think about for now: As you know,  there are 10 commandments. Only the 4th begins with the word “Remember”. Why do you think that is? There’s a very good reason why God phrased it this way and when I tell you why a certain person from history decided to mess with it, it will make alot more sense. Even before I knew the history, I always knew the reasons I often heard for why most who observe Sunday and not Saturday didn’t make any sense. The biggest reason being there is nothing in scripture that supports the changing of the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday.


Why am I talking about the Sabbath Day all of a sudden? There’s a good reason for that. It has everything to do with what I touched on in my previous post: The End Times. All that is going on was foretold in the Bible. Read Daniel and Revelation.



Now’s as good a time as any to study Daniel and Revelation


…Historically, most Christians avoid the books of Daniel and Revelation either partially or entirely. Everyone knows about the story of Daniel in the Lion’s Den, The Fiery Furnace and Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream. Few know much about the book of Daniel beyond the fall of Babylon. Fewer still have done more than glance at a few verses in Revelation.

Why do so many Christians avoid the two books that explain what is happening in the world today and why? The main reason is a lack of understanding about the way information is presented. Jesus explained important details about the future–both immediately after his death and during the End Times–in parables. He needed to explain things in a way that would be easy for his followers during and after his time on Earth would be able to understand. Not only this but after telling the parable, Jesus explains the double meaning of the parable.

I plan to go through specific texts in both Daniel and Revelation here to help make certain texts more accessible to you. It’s too important for you to not know what both books have to say about the state of the world during the End Times we are now in. Far too important.

On that note. It goes without saying there is alot of mistrust and misunderstandngs of anything God-related, mostly due to “well-meaning” Christians. Because of this, I also plan to spend a large chunk of time answering these four questions:

  1. What is God like?
  2. Why do bad things happen to good people?
  3. What does the Bible have to say about the state of the world?
  4. When will The End come?


These are some deeply profound questions that deserve deeply profound answers. In regards to the second question, I will also answer two additional questions at the same time: “Where did we come from?” and “Why are we here?” Look forward to it. There is alot of misinformation about God, much of which is being spread by people with good intentions.

…Man, oh man.

That first question…I am easily going to spend ALOT of time on. God has been misrepresented and distorted so much, it’s no wonder more and more people scoff at the very idea one exists. All you need to do is read the Bible. God is more than capable of speaking for himself. He doesn’t need someone to do it for him. Least of all, me. Before we can get to the other 3 big questions, we first need to address the first one. So, yeah.

Look forward to it. Feel free to ask questions. I will do my best to answer them.




Don’t allow the existence of Secret Societies distract you
I’m posting this message as a warning to those who may have taken up an interest in researching secret societies: They’re called SECRET societies for a reason. All attempts made by outsiders to learn anything about them have been met with silence. What little is “known” about them is nothing more than speculation and misinformation, often spread by the groups themselves. It’s how they deal with defectors and traitors who start running their mouths. Rather than try to control the flow of information, they mix lies with half-truths based on what they know people think they’re up to.
That said, it’s a well known fact secret societies are deeply ingrained in every aspect of American Government. George Washington was a Free Mason for example. On my main blog last year, I said the next president had already been decided well before the election. That’s how it works and that’s the REAL reason why the Electoral College selects the next president and not the people. One needs 270 electoral votes to win the White house. For those who are wondering why the Supreme Court gave Bush 43 the White House in 2000, this is why. For those are wondering why Donald Trump won the election despite having 3.5 Million less popular votes (the American people) than his opponent, this is why. In regards to presidential elections, no your vote DOES NOT matter. All you’re doing is picking who you like. It has no bearing in the election itself. That said, voting DOES matter in regards to state and local elections. Just know that as far as the president is concerned, they’re not elected but they’re selected.

You don’t need to be a career politican, an attorney or a historian to know what direction the Trump Administration intends to take the United States: War. Read Daniel and Revelation. They both speak of what is going on in the world right now.

On a related subject: I will speak more to cults and fantaticism at a later time. I feel it’s more important now than ever to speak of the dangers of these things with what is going on in the world right now. Look forward to it.



If you call yourself a Christian in America, you should find this picture highly offensive

I’m referring to the top part, which the caption at the bottom incorrectly tries to address. I was actually planning to talk about this at a later time but after I saw this picture, I felt obligated to get into this here and now.

For reference, THIS is an accurate representation of what Jesus looked like:

As is this:

Not this:

Or this:

And certainly not this:


…Do you know why?
It’s simple: Where was Jesus born? Present-day Palestine. The one thing those last three pictures have in common is they depict Jesus with European features. Yes, Jesus was technically Jewish but it’s very unlikely he looked as he is depicted in those last three images.

I feel it is extremely important given how much Christianity and Jesus in particular have been Americanized over the last 160 years: Too often, the leaders of every Christian denomination–my own included–are silent as self-professed Christians commit acts of violence or promote hate. The concept of Jesus being European is related to that. For those who would use the belief that “Jesus is White”–which he is not–as justification for discrimination against all other religions, the problem is the object of their justification is not and never was “White”. It would be more accurate that for many who believe this lie created centuries ago–and that’s exactly what it is–Jesus HAS to be White. I’ll get back to this in a minute.


…Now, let’s go back to the first image again: It depicts Jesus standing over President Trump in the Oval Office. Anyone who knows anything about Donald Trump knows he is anything but “Godly” or “A model Christian”. It is well documented that he has a sexual predator and by his own admission (Lust). He has openly stated he finds his daughter Ivanka attractive (Incest). He has stated he is a vengeful person and is a big believer in revenge. There is no light in him. He is not a racist but he is an egolomaniac who could care less about anyone who dislikes him or disagrees with him on anything. That should be obvious and yes, I’m keeping my PERSONAL opinion out of this post as far as President Trump is concerned. These are not “Alternative Facts”, this is the TRUTH Trump has said about himself.

Let’s go back to what I was talking about before in regards to “White Jesus”. Like I said, for White Supremicists Jesus “MUST” be White. The fact of the matter is Jesus never was “White”. Nor is Jesus and American or a European for that matter. The day Christians discard this humanistic notion of assigning Jesus and all things related to God a race or nationality will be the day they will understand how much they allowed these ideas to affect their relationship with others as well as their view of God.


Why are some people so hung up on what race or nationality Jesus may or may not be or should and should not represent? Read Matthew 13:24-30 and Matthew 13:36-43, which explains well the truth hidden within the truth. Human weakness is why so many who profess to love Jesus are so focused on his literal appearance. Jesus himself said to Thomas in John 20:29: “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” Focus not on the image of Jesus and instead on his message of love and hope.

I’ll close with this: Donald Trump, like the 44 presidents before him are all role players. They are not “ordained” by God like some Americans seem to believe a President is and should be. Human tradition has blurred the lines separating church and state in America for some time now. It is another sign of the end of days.


Regardless of who you voted for on November 8…

Know that God is in control.

I feel the need to say this in light of the rampant fearmongering during the campaign by both political parties. These are uncertain times and have been since the turn of the century. America is going in a direction that will be hard to predict and will effect the lives of over 300 Million people for at least the next four years.

I have often said on my main blog we will get the president we deserve in this election. This country gave itself over to fear, bigotry and hate. This outcome is to be expected. While I do not personally believe the President-Elect is any of these things, certain comments he’s said before and during the campaign have emboldened and empowered hate groups of all kinds to be more vocal and open.
I would ask that if you have been following the national news, turn it off. There is nothing positive to be gained. They did their part in helping to spread messages of hate during the election cycle and even now are trying to play all sides off each other to incite violent clashes. These things are bound to happen eventually but they’re basically handing out targets.
What I would reccommend is reading what the Bible has to say about these uncertain times. Read Daniel and Revelation. They speak of times like this. If you don’t own a bible, you can download one as an App or read it online on various websites. I reccommend Blue Letter Bible.

…Also, pray for healing and understanding. America needs both now and for what’s to come. There is power in prayer.


An important reminder to my fellow American Voters

2016 Presidential Candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

On Tuesday November 8, the next American President will be decided.

Notice I said “decided”. Not “elected” or even “chosen”. Anyone who’s spent any sort of time researching the American Democratic  process should already be aware Electoral Colleges decide who the next president is. Not the people. It is a system that has been in place for almost 30 years to ironically avoid the situation we are now in: Two unpopular candidates for the American people to chose from. Voters are essentially being “asked” to chose between the lesser of two evils, vote 3rd party or don’t vote at all.

This is perhaps the first time in American history the politics have gotten so negative and toxic. Even worse than just before the Civil War I dare say. I don’t know if the country will survive after next Tuesday. While fairly I’m certain I know who the next president will be, the circumstances of how they became president is a travesty. If you’d like to read my thoughts on the political process up to now, go here.

I do want to revisit some dangerous rhetoric that has been most prevalent amongst Conservative and Evangelical Voters as well as the Republican Party over the last 16 years. I’m talking about discussing Religon and Government as if they were one in the same or were always meant to be. America is not a Theocracy, nor was it founded with the intent of becoming one. Freedom of Religion goes both ways. Yes, you have certain protections based on your religious convictions. The reverse is also true. Those whose faith is different from yours and those who practice no religion or faith are entitled to certain protections under the law of the land.

For some Americans, they are guilty until proven innocent depending on their religion, ethnicity, race and so on. It’s easy to forget Slaveowners quoted the Bible in support of Slavery. The Bible was quoted in support of the Holocaust (which some people think never happened). The Bible was quoted to support Jim Crowe Laws, which was basically the American Apartheid. The Bible was quoted to support keeping women from voting not just in America but in other countries as well.

In more recent years, political figures with a background in Christianiry have been running for office in America. Many view the government, companies, non-profit organizations and grassroots movements stepping in to stop discrimination against members of the LGBTQ Community, Abortion Clinics (and those who are pro-choice), minorities and non-Christians (Muslims, Agnostics, Athiests, etc.) an “attack on Christianity”. This is extremely dangerous rhetoric that should not be entertained or supported by ANYONE who calls themselves one of God’s Children.

Jesus was asked by his enemies if it was lawful in the eyes of God to pay taxes to Ceasar. It was a trap designed to get Jesus to either say Yes (And turn the people against him) or No (give the Romans a prerense to arrest him). Jesus didn’t play their game but he did give his opinion. Jesus said “Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar but give to God what belongs to God.” There is a second meaning for those of us living today: We are not above the government just because we’re Christians. In fact, we should do our best to respect the laws of the country, vote, pay taxes and so on.
At the same time, I’m of the strong belief there will be times like the Civil Rights Era and the Civil War where we should stand up and speak out against injustice. We are living in one of those times in America right now. Many white Americans have taken the phrase “Black Lives Matter” to mean only Black Lives Matter. I speak in more detail about this on my main blog but the reason the phrase “All Lives Matter” is considered offensive to those who support the Black Lives Matter movement is because it’s simply not true. Just look at what’s happening at Standing Rock in North Dakota. Look at what happened to Flint, Michigan.

You can’t look at those two things and honestly say “All Lives Matter”. I don’t want to go any further off topic but click the link I posted earlier to go to my main blog and read more.

I’ll end with this: The purpose of this post isn’t to tell you who you should or shouldn’t vote for and why or why not. It’s to tell you to VOTE. Regardless of who the next president is, you want to have it recorded that you DID vote in this election. It’s in your best interests to vote even if you have to write someone’s name in.

…In case folks are wondering, I’m not voting for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump but I am voting on Tuesday. See my link above as I explain why I’m not voting for either of them in detail. As an Adventist, I am sensitive to certain information about both candidates I recently learned. Even before that, I had no plans on voting for either of them anyway. One of them WILL be the next president and as I said at the top, I’m fairly certain I know who it wll be.

A Personal Crowdfunding Request

I post this one with the hope that if you are unable to help me out, you wouldn’t mind sharing the post with someone who may be able to.

Without violating my own confidentiality, it’s pretty likely I will not collect another paycheck for the rest of 2016. There are some things going on I can’t and won’t get into publicly in regards to my job status. What you need to know is I am need of money and am requesting donations be sent to me via PayPal. If you have a PayPal account, my email address is If you don’t, click the Paypal picture at the bottom of this page OR use this link. It’s my personal PayPal account only I have access to. There is no middleman or anything, I will know right away the who, when and how much.

I started receiving food stamp benefits last month. I’m not collecting unemployment since my employment situation is a bit complicated. I expect that to change soon so I will be able to move on but right now, I have personal debt I need to pay off as soon as possible. $7,500 will cover all of my needs through February 2017. The money will be used to cover personal expenses, grocery/pharmacy items food stamps don’t cover (LOL), medical appointments and transportation (MBTA) through the coming winter.  It’s a bit more than what I asked for on my main blog but I am looking ahead and anticipating certain things, one of which could be an unplanned hospitalization. I had one last December, after all.

As with my previous request, I will continue to write blog posts. I posted this request on this my main blog as it has been the most updated so far this year and I think folks are more likely to respond to it. I also posted this request here because through God, all things are possible. Whatever you can give would be greatly appreciated. My hope is that donations start coming in as soon as possible: My monthly pass expires at the end of the month and I live in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Boston. I won’t be able to freely move after this month so it’s extremely important I receive donations as soon as possible.

Thanks again in advance to those who are able to help me in my time of need and God bless you. It truly will be appreciated.

~ B.A.
P.S. I would also like to request prayer for my situation as well.

The Blind Leading the Blind: Don’t be fooled by “Miracle Healers”

I was going to comment on this later and over time but after stumbling upon this phenomenon that is sweeping across the Christian parts of Africa, I’ve decided to get into this now.

Now, many of us in the U.S. are keenly aware of how big Christianity is in the lives of many Americans. There are “Mega” Churches built like stadiums and theaters that bring in tens of thousands every Sunday. This might be a surprise to many of you but Evangalism is and has become big business over the last 30 years in particular. Places of Worship in the U.S. (as well as in many countries) are tax exempt, meaning the place of worship can use all the money they bring in at their own discretion. Putting aside what is used to keep the lights on, it’s up to the church–and in most cases the Pastor–to decide how the money is used.

What’s most unfortunate is more and more, there are stories of Pastors pocketing the money they glean from their congregations. What’s most unfortunate is these stories are in fact true. The car and jet above are both owned by a pastor. The obvious question “Why does a pastor need a $2.5 Million Jet in the first place?” aside, it is a sign of the times we live in.

It is also the epitome of the phrase “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” though in this case, it’s a fat “Shepherd” fleecing his flock for very penny they have. The best cure for that is truth, prayer and most importantly, finding a new church ASAP.

Getting back to my earlier train of thought, there is another phenomenon that was rampant in the U.S. that has in recent years started making the rounds in parts of Africa and Asia.

I’m talking about “Miracle Healers”. Here’s a video that illustrates my point perfectly (Warning: Disturbing Content):

…To the untrained eye, this is a miracle.

Those of us old enough to remember seeing the 80s and 90s “Miracle Healings” know this hustle all too well: The pastor “randomly picks” someone from the audience who is said to have an incurable disease and the person is miraculously “healed” on the spot. In the case of this video and many others like it, this was clearly staged and the “healed” was fine all along. What’s most upsetting is they put children up to it to make their deception more convincing.

In addition to “healing the sick and infirm”, some have gone so far as to claim to have been “given the power to raise the dead”. While most American Christians would approach such heresy with skeptcism–as they should–this isn’t the case with emerging Christian populations in Africa and Asia.

The reason I am talking about this and will return to this topic in future blog posts is while we know this is spirtual  deception at its worst, it’s important that the truth be known and that these pretenders be exposed as the frauds they really are.

This video illustrates my point in that regard:

This pastor claims to have the power through the Holy Spirit to command the unborn to move and kick inside their mothers. What you are seeing this pastor do is “demonstrate” this “power”.

Like the previous video, it’s pretty easy to tell this display was staged. Don’t you find it a little strange the pregnant women go into a “trance-like sleep” on command like that? Don’t you also find it strange their entire torso moves? That’s because it’s physically impossible for an unborn baby to move so much and so hard, the mother moves almost violently like that along with them.

This video demostrates that perfectly:

Unlike the other video, the mother is obviously conscious. If the baby was moving as dramatically as the other video appears to show, there’s no way the mothers would not be unaware of it. You can clearly see in the above video the unborn stretching out causes her a bit of pain.

With the other video, you’re made to believe the mothers are “so filled with the spirit” that they’re no longer in control of their bodies. The bible does not teach that is even possible and in fact, the very idea is deeply rooted in Paganism and Spirtualism. There is nothing supernatural about the second video. What you are seeing is simply the mothers “playing along” though weather they are knowingly a part of the deception or not is another matter. This is a clear deception either way.

Notice with the second woman (the one with the blue shirt) when he says “Mama, wake up” her eyes snap open. That’s a clear sign what you just watched was rehearsed in advance. As if to further “prove” his power is real, he “commands” her baby while she is standing. She starts to enter “a trance like state” which again, the Bible does not teach is even possible. All who have a true experience are both fully conscious and aware of what is going on the whole time.

She is clearly faking it. Her laughing at the end should make that pretty obvious. It will probably be explained as she’s just “surprised” but clearly they rehearsed the “demonstration” as she snaps into “the trance” when he “addresses the baby”. While it IS true an unborn baby can hear and recognize outside sounds at that stage of pregnancy, it’s definitely not to the point they can comprehend language and respond on command like the pastor claims–plus she’s clearly laughing along with him at the crowd’s reaction. She’s just moving her waist and pushing her belly in and out but of course, the crowd doesn’t know that. If the baby was moving about as much as you’re made to believe, she’d at least feel discomfort at the sensation. The whole “slain by the spirit” move she does at the end…I’ll cover in a later blog post.


This is what a baby kicking in the womb looks like for those who have yet to be blessed to see it up close:

…And here’s one with the mother standing:

Again, the mother is fully conscious and aware of the baby’s movement. The baby also doesn’t cause the mother’s body to move around dramatically. While it IS true the unborn can and does move or kick while the mother is sleeping, the movement wouldn’t be enough to cause her whole body to move, too. Of course, those of us in developed nations are well aware of this.

I have personally felt unborn babies move while their mothers slept. That’s actually when they’re most active according to mant studies: Because the mother is lying down, the baby has an easier time moving. The mother is aware of the sensation but nothing beyond that unless the fetal movement wakes them up in the middle of the night. Those in developing counties would be more likely to believe what you see in the second video is possible. They’re far easier to fool than the Americans of 20-30 years ago so…yeah.

Yes, all of the women are clearly pregnant. What’s truly sad is they were used to decieve the unwise both in the room and watching online. One thing true believers need to do more of is expose these deceivers and what they are doing.

Back to the second video: With the third woman, the footage opens with her appearing to having a seizure and is actually pretty disturbing to watch. Plus she’s clearly faking it by moving her torso–notice her belly doesn’t move at all. This is why I showed you the other two videos so you know what to look for in regards to actual fetal movement. Feeling a baby kick and move in the womb is one thing but seeing it is something else. It’s also pretty obvious it’s the baby moving, not the mother as was shown in the other two videos,

For the last part, the pastor brings out two pregnant women. Again, he “commands” them to “sleep” before “commanding” their babies. With the woman in stripes you can clearly see her lifting her waist to give the illusion the pastor is commanding the baby to move inside her. Of course, the people in the audience have no way of knowing this is what is really happening. They have no reason to believe they’re being deceived, after all.

The pastor tells the crowd the mothers are sleeping but he is “talking to” their babies. No, the mothers are clearly awake and no he can’t actually “talk to” their UNBORN babies, who don’t learn the CONCEPT of language until a few months after they’re born. That said, it actually IS a good idea to talk to your unborn child as they will remember what they learned after they’re born.

The problem: What this pastor suggests is in fact deeply rooted in Paganism and Spirtualism. There is no light in him. In fact, he could be sending an unclean spirit into the unborn. He claims he speaks to them “through the spirit”, which is heresy. The fact that he claims to command the unborn is also blasphemy.  This man has been called out on it and area pastors are warning people to stay away from him.

Back to the  video. He starts to sing and their babies appear to respond in kind by moving around to the rhythm. Again, this is being faked and it’s likely the babies have no idea what’s going on in the outside world. The reason he focuses on the woman on the left is because it’s much easier for her to move her belly compared to the other one, likely because she’s not as far along. This becomes pretty obvious toward the end when he switches focus to the other one. It’s cruel to watch but important to be aware how far these False Christs are willing to go to decieve the most vulnerable.

…The reason I spent so much time on the second video compared to the first is while both demand you accept what you’re seeing at face value, with the first it’s clearly staged. The second one required a bit more explaination to pull apart the trickery. The Bible also warns about this. The devil knows his time is short and is going all out to deceive as many people as he can.

Here’s one more video I want to show you:

…Like the other video, this one is clearly staged. The woman is clearly playing along.

The part in this video I want to zero in on is the phenomenon called “Speaking in Tongues”. The practice, for those who are unaware is deeply rooted in Paganism and Spirtualism. It’s believed a person can “become so filled with the spirit” that they will begin speaking “in the language of the angels”, backwards or in a language they never learned. During this time, they are in a trance-like state and are no longer in control of their bodies. Her husband, who is identified as a fellow pastor falls to the floor on command throughout the video. This is explained as the pastor wordlessly commanding any unclean spirits in the man to flee and the falling is just a reflex of that. I meant that in general, not just in regards to the video.

I saw a segment of 20/20 a few years ago where researchers attempted to record what the brain is doing when someone is “Speaking in Tongues”. They concluded during this time, there is no neutral activity so the mind is like a blank slate. What this means is nothing is actually happening. They’re faking it is what’s really going on. It was a practice someone taught them, likely at some church where they were told it is a sign “they are full of the spirit”. The sad truth is they were deceived.

The end of the video illustrates why these deceivers go to such lengths:

..Free money. That’s the sad truth. These men are nothing but con artists who are using their platforms to milk their audiences for every dime they have. It’s a good hustle, I’ll give them that. Even so, I can’t forgive people who offer false hope and staged “miracles” in exchange for money to the most vulnerable. I find it unforgivable personally. If you need money THAT bad, simply ask like I will in my very next blog post.

Like I said earlier, this was rampant in the U.S. until about 15 years ago when pastors behaving badly starting making the evening news. There were things from pastors having sex with underage girls to pastors getting into fistfights with people in stores, among other things. Due to the bad press, many of the False Christs and Deceivers who were able to left the country, setting up shop in parts of Africa and Asia where it would be much easier for them to continue their deceptions.

It was from these frauds local pastors overseas learned the trade and started doing it themselves. It’s even worse as they mix half-truths will obvious lies to confuse the people. By claiming to be sent from God, they shield themselves from actual scrutiny by the wary and gives their believers a free pass to suppress those who out their lies. If a pastor tells you to focus on them and not the Bible, s/he is a false prophet and a deceiver. Jesus warns about this.

…I avoided this subject on purpose but I will definitely get to Demonic Possession and Exorcisms at some point. What I will say for now is Demonic Possession IS real BUT it rarely looks like what’s portrayed in movies or the staged exorcisms some Evangelicals like to make for TV. I will also say depending on how strong the demon is, it could take days to fully exorise the unclean spirit. Now that I’ve said that, I really do wonder if those pregnant women were actually being possessed. It would make a certain amount of sense now that I think about it.

Anyway, my very next post will be a request for money. After that I will talk a bit about my particular branch of Christianity, which gained national attention because of one of the presidential candidates.