…Before I begin, I ask that you bookmark this webpage. That’s an official source from the SDA Church. I will make it a point to include that link in every post in which I talk about the SDA Church for the sake of transparency.

Now, let’s get started:

This is what your calendar says. When you learn to recite the days of the week, you start with the first day, which is SUNDAY and end with SATURDAY, which is the seventh day. What does the Bible have to say? Here are a few verses:

The Bible makes it crystal clear. The Seventh Day is the Sabbath, nor was it ever changed by God OR Jesus.


Notice something interesting about the 4th Commandment: It is the only one that begins with the word “Remember”. Don’t you find it more than a little strange it says “Remember” and not “Thou Shalt” like the other 9 of the 10 Commandments? This was no accident, oversight or coincidence.

There is only one reason God, in his infinite wisdom would phrase the 4th that way: Knowing the future, God knew efforts would be made by others to change The Sabbath. Turns out he was wise to do this so far in advance as most Christians observe Sunday, which is NOT The Sabbath.

…Why is that? That’s a whole other topic and it will be covered in detail across seveal posts in time.

What I can and will say is there is nothing in the Bible to support the Sabbath Day being changed from the Seventh Day to the First Day. In fact, the entity responsible for changing it is pretty open about it, too. Who did it and why? That will be discussed another time in another blog.

I actually thought I posted this last September when I drafted it but it looks like I didn’t. I have alot of catching up to do it seems.





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