…While true it is nothing more than an op-ed, it establishes the precident needed to turn the United States into a Theocracy at a moment’s notice. It doesn’t matter if you yourself identify as a Christian, which this E.O. is partial to. The problem is the intent behind it. What problem? A State Religion, which the American colonies were created specifically to get away from almost 400 years ago.

Serious questions need to be raised to our elected officials in regards to this E.O. in particular. Both with the intent and if there are safeguards to protect those who do not identify as “Christian”. That said, there are nearly a hundred different Christian denominations in the U.S. The obvious next question is “Which one?”

…Speaking as a Seventh Day Adventist, there is an obvious short answer to this question: Whoever keeps Sunday as the Sabbath Day, not Saturday. This is the unique difference that sets Adventists apart from the other denominations: We keep and honor the original seventh-day Sabbath, which is Saturday and not Sunday. I can spend a dozen blog posts on why the other denominations worship on Sunday and I certainly will. Just not right now. It’s extremely important those of you who worship on Sunday understand the big picture and yes, it DOES matter. More so in regards to the United States.

I’ll leave you with this to think about for now: As you know,  there are 10 commandments. Only the 4th begins with the word “Remember”. Why do you think that is? There’s a very good reason why God phrased it this way and when I tell you why a certain person from history decided to mess with it, it will make alot more sense. Even before I knew the history, I always knew the reasons I often heard for why most who observe Sunday and not Saturday didn’t make any sense. The biggest reason being there is nothing in scripture that supports the changing of the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday.


Why am I talking about the Sabbath Day all of a sudden? There’s a good reason for that. It has everything to do with what I touched on in my previous post: The End Times. All that is going on was foretold in the Bible. Read Daniel and Revelation.




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