I’m referring to the top part, which the caption at the bottom incorrectly tries to address. I was actually planning to talk about this at a later time but after I saw this picture, I felt obligated to get into this here and now.

For reference, THIS is an accurate representation of what Jesus looked like:

As is this:

Not this:

Or this:

And certainly not this:


…Do you know why?
It’s simple: Where was Jesus born? Present-day Palestine. The one thing those last three pictures have in common is they depict Jesus with European features. Yes, Jesus was technically Jewish but it’s very unlikely he looked as he is depicted in those last three images.

I feel it is extremely important given how much Christianity and Jesus in particular have been Americanized over the last 160 years: Too often, the leaders of every Christian denomination–my own included–are silent as self-professed Christians commit acts of violence or promote hate. The concept of Jesus being European is related to that. For those who would use the belief that “Jesus is White”–which he is not–as justification for discrimination against all other religions, the problem is the object of their justification is not and never was “White”. It would be more accurate that for many who believe this lie created centuries ago–and that’s exactly what it is–Jesus HAS to be White. I’ll get back to this in a minute.


…Now, let’s go back to the first image again: It depicts Jesus standing over President Trump in the Oval Office. Anyone who knows anything about Donald Trump knows he is anything but “Godly” or “A model Christian”. It is well documented that he has a sexual predator and by his own admission (Lust). He has openly stated he finds his daughter Ivanka attractive (Incest). He has stated he is a vengeful person and is a big believer in revenge. There is no light in him. He is not a racist but he is an egolomaniac who could care less about anyone who dislikes him or disagrees with him on anything. That should be obvious and yes, I’m keeping my PERSONAL opinion out of this post as far as President Trump is concerned. These are not “Alternative Facts”, this is the TRUTH Trump has said about himself.

Let’s go back to what I was talking about before in regards to “White Jesus”. Like I said, for White Supremicists Jesus “MUST” be White. The fact of the matter is Jesus never was “White”. Nor is Jesus and American or a European for that matter. The day Christians discard this humanistic notion of assigning Jesus and all things related to God a race or nationality will be the day they will understand how much they allowed these ideas to affect their relationship with others as well as their view of God.


Why are some people so hung up on what race or nationality Jesus may or may not be or should and should not represent? Read Matthew 13:24-30 and Matthew 13:36-43, which explains well the truth hidden within the truth. Human weakness is why so many who profess to love Jesus are so focused on his literal appearance. Jesus himself said to Thomas in John 20:29: “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” Focus not on the image of Jesus and instead on his message of love and hope.

I’ll close with this: Donald Trump, like the 44 presidents before him are all role players. They are not “ordained” by God like some Americans seem to believe a President is and should be. Human tradition has blurred the lines separating church and state in America for some time now. It is another sign of the end of days.



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