Know that God is in control.

I feel the need to say this in light of the rampant fearmongering during the campaign by both political parties. These are uncertain times and have been since the turn of the century. America is going in a direction that will be hard to predict and will effect the lives of over 300 Million people for at least the next four years.

I have often said on my main blog we will get the president we deserve in this election. This country gave itself over to fear, bigotry and hate. This outcome is to be expected. While I do not personally believe the President-Elect is any of these things, certain comments he’s said before and during the campaign have emboldened and empowered hate groups of all kinds to be more vocal and open.
I would ask that if you have been following the national news, turn it off. There is nothing positive to be gained. They did their part in helping to spread messages of hate during the election cycle and even now are trying to play all sides off each other to incite violent clashes. These things are bound to happen eventually but they’re basically handing out targets.
What I would reccommend is reading what the Bible has to say about these uncertain times. Read Daniel and Revelation. They speak of times like this. If you don’t own a bible, you can download one as an App or read it online on various websites. I reccommend Blue Letter Bible.

…Also, pray for healing and understanding. America needs both now and for what’s to come. There is power in prayer.



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