2016 Presidential Candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

On Tuesday November 8, the next American President will be decided.

Notice I said “decided”. Not “elected” or even “chosen”. Anyone who’s spent any sort of time researching the American Democratic  process should already be aware Electoral Colleges decide who the next president is. Not the people. It is a system that has been in place for almost 30 years to ironically avoid the situation we are now in: Two unpopular candidates for the American people to chose from. Voters are essentially being “asked” to chose between the lesser of two evils, vote 3rd party or don’t vote at all.

This is perhaps the first time in American history the politics have gotten so negative and toxic. Even worse than just before the Civil War I dare say. I don’t know if the country will survive after next Tuesday. While fairly I’m certain I know who the next president will be, the circumstances of how they became president is a travesty. If you’d like to read my thoughts on the political process up to now, go here.

I do want to revisit some dangerous rhetoric that has been most prevalent amongst Conservative and Evangelical Voters as well as the Republican Party over the last 16 years. I’m talking about discussing Religon and Government as if they were one in the same or were always meant to be. America is not a Theocracy, nor was it founded with the intent of becoming one. Freedom of Religion goes both ways. Yes, you have certain protections based on your religious convictions. The reverse is also true. Those whose faith is different from yours and those who practice no religion or faith are entitled to certain protections under the law of the land.

For some Americans, they are guilty until proven innocent depending on their religion, ethnicity, race and so on. It’s easy to forget Slaveowners quoted the Bible in support of Slavery. The Bible was quoted in support of the Holocaust (which some people think never happened). The Bible was quoted to support Jim Crowe Laws, which was basically the American Apartheid. The Bible was quoted to support keeping women from voting not just in America but in other countries as well.

In more recent years, political figures with a background in Christianiry have been running for office in America. Many view the government, companies, non-profit organizations and grassroots movements stepping in to stop discrimination against members of the LGBTQ Community, Abortion Clinics (and those who are pro-choice), minorities and non-Christians (Muslims, Agnostics, Athiests, etc.) an “attack on Christianity”. This is extremely dangerous rhetoric that should not be entertained or supported by ANYONE who calls themselves one of God’s Children.

Jesus was asked by his enemies if it was lawful in the eyes of God to pay taxes to Ceasar. It was a trap designed to get Jesus to either say Yes (And turn the people against him) or No (give the Romans a prerense to arrest him). Jesus didn’t play their game but he did give his opinion. Jesus said “Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar but give to God what belongs to God.” There is a second meaning for those of us living today: We are not above the government just because we’re Christians. In fact, we should do our best to respect the laws of the country, vote, pay taxes and so on.
At the same time, I’m of the strong belief there will be times like the Civil Rights Era and the Civil War where we should stand up and speak out against injustice. We are living in one of those times in America right now. Many white Americans have taken the phrase “Black Lives Matter” to mean only Black Lives Matter. I speak in more detail about this on my main blog but the reason the phrase “All Lives Matter” is considered offensive to those who support the Black Lives Matter movement is because it’s simply not true. Just look at what’s happening at Standing Rock in North Dakota. Look at what happened to Flint, Michigan.

You can’t look at those two things and honestly say “All Lives Matter”. I don’t want to go any further off topic but click the link I posted earlier to go to my main blog and read more.

I’ll end with this: The purpose of this post isn’t to tell you who you should or shouldn’t vote for and why or why not. It’s to tell you to VOTE. Regardless of who the next president is, you want to have it recorded that you DID vote in this election. It’s in your best interests to vote even if you have to write someone’s name in.

…In case folks are wondering, I’m not voting for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump but I am voting on Tuesday. See my link above as I explain why I’m not voting for either of them in detail. As an Adventist, I am sensitive to certain information about both candidates I recently learned. Even before that, I had no plans on voting for either of them anyway. One of them WILL be the next president and as I said at the top, I’m fairly certain I know who it wll be.


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