If you share the same principles as Tyson Neil Degrasse and Bill Nye, the answer is no. The “Battle Lines” have clearly been drawn: You either believe in God or you believe in the Theory of Evolution. According to the most furvent believers on both sides, there is no middle ground: You’re either in one side or the other.

…Or are you?

Those who believe in the biblical narrative are called Creationists: They believe the universe was created in seven literal days as described in the Bible and there was deliberate intent behind its creation. This is has recently been called Intelligent Design.

Those who believe in Darwin’s Theory of Evolution are called Evolutionists: They believe the universe exploded into existence billions of years ago and everything that happen simply happened by chance. They believe it took billions of years for the world to get to where it is now.

It is worth noting that in the last 20 years, more and more notable members of the science community have come to the conclusion the universe didn’t “just happen by accident”: Concrete evidence points to “the liklihood the universe was intentionally and deliberately created the way it was by someone or something”. Renowned Physicst Stephen Hawking shocked the science world about 10 years ago for establishing the concept of Intelligent Design.

The very idea of Creationism and more specifically the existience of a God being confirmed by science has certainly ruffled more than a few feathers in the science community. More so given how many of their greatest minds have started to seriously research the Bible to satisfy their own curiousity. Naturally, the Evolutionists can’t have that so they’ve been working to establish proof “religion itself is no different from myths and fairy tales”. There have been Evolutionist vs. Creationist debates in recent years in an effort to “establish” one as the only “truth” that should matter but in each case, the matchup is always done to heavily favor the Evolutionists’ side and disfavor the Creationists’ viewpoint.

..What if I told you that’s because these same Evolutionists who are “so scared of Creationism” have personally come to the same conclusion as Stephen Hawking? What if I told you they are actually looking for something–anything–to prove what they always knew to be true is not a lie?

I’ll talk about this more in another blog post but there is one fundamental difference between Evolutionists and Creationists that is always overlooked or ignored by Evolutionists: The majority of Creationists know why they exist and what their reason for existing is. This is the one area Evolutionists don’t have a counterpoint for because they’re still trying to figure that out.

Why DO we exist? What ARE we here for? Do we REALLY matter? Where did we REALLY come from? There are just a few of the questions that will be explored through this blog. As a matter of full disclosure, I am a Seventh Day Adventist. Those who’ve seen my first blog are probably aware of that much though I haven’t gone into much detail. I intend to do that on this blog.

On that note, most of the updates for this blog will likely happen on Saturdays. I meant to post this last week but I got really busy during the July 4th weekend. Then the recent shootings in the US involving Law Enforcement happened, which I covered on my first blog over the last three days.

Now, one more thing I want to address is who this blog’s intended audience is. Like my other six blogs, it’s for anyone who is interested. Not just Christians of all denominations but those who follow other faiths/beliefs and those who practice no religion as well. Like two of my other blogs, I do take requests if anyone wants me to talk about a particular subject.

As someone who has a track record for writing about difficult and controversial things without being disrespectful to differing viewpoints, my intent is to maintain impartiality in regards to certain subjects. In regards to the Bible, there will be no such compromise. On that note, I will not reference the Bible in every blog post. There will be posts like this one where using text from the Bible is not necessary. It all depends on what the discussion is about.

…One other thing I will do from time to time is tell you at the end of a blog post what upcoming topics will be. I won’t always do it so try not to expect it with every post. On that note, here are the topics I intend to cover with my next few posts:

  • Why I Know The Bible is Truth (The next post)
  • The Blind Leading the Blind: Don’t be fooled by “Miracle Healers”
  • What Seventh Day Adventists Believe (Recurring subject)
  • “I hear Christians believe this. Is it really true?” (Recurring subject)
  • Understanding Daniel and Revelation (Recurring)
  • Christians must advocate for the separation of Church and State
  • Wait, was Jesus really perfect?
  • Can the Bible be trusted on matters of future events?
  • What can be learned from stories of Job and Jonah?
  • How to politely decline Urban/Suburban Missionaries
  • The Commandment Man tried to change

…Aside from the first five, these topics will not be in any particular order. The three after the first will be revisited as needed over time. Those are more open-ended. For those who don’t have a Bible handy, I reccommend using The Blue Letter Bible website and App (Android and iOS). BLB has 14 English versions of the Bible which are widely used worldwide. For the purposes of this blog I will mainly use text from the King James Version (Olde English) New King James Version (Modern English) or New International Versions though I might use the New Living Translation as well.

I hope this post serves as a decient starting point. Look forward to the next post ^_^





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