PROPHECY NEWS ALERT: The Pope Summons World Leaders to Rome to sign a Global Pact

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Protestant Christians worldwide have been talking about it since the announcement came on September 12: In a 5 minute video released by The Vatican on YouTube, Pope Francis called on world leaders to come to Rome on May 14, 2020 to sign a global agreement to “re-educate youth” about a variety of things including Sunday Worship.

This is a red flag Protestants and Adventists have been closely watching for. Many people including myself view it as a huge step toward the One World Religion referred to in Daniel and Revelation but I’ll get to this in a minute. Pope Francis, who was a Jesuit Priest before becoming Pope in 2013 is very popular worldwide with young people especially. He has made many overt comments and declarations to unite the religions of the world under The Vatican. He has made many gains in that regard since he came to power in 2013.


You can watch Doug Batchelor break down the significance of The Pope’s announcement here:

Daniel and Revelation speak of two Beast Powers who will emerge before The Second Coming of Christ. The Roman Catholic Church fits all of the criteria to The First Beast Power. The Pope–the position and not the person himself–fits the criteria to be The Antichrist figure described in Revelation specifically. The United States of America fits all of the criteria to be the other Beast Power that will compel and subjegate the world to follow and worship The First Beast.

I’ll break things down more in a series of posts which I should done some time ago by now. What I will say for now is there are many who have NO CLUE what the true significance of Pope Francis’ announcement actually means. That’s a big reason why I made this blog and that is to inform everyone of what is going on free of charge.

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I’m a Seventh Day Adventist Christian myself. Before I caught word of this announcement, I was thinking of something more and Adventist Evangelicals have been saying in recent years about our own: Too many Adventists who know about all of these things are keeping the knowledge to themselves while they patiently wait for The Sunday Law referenced in Revelation to be passed in the U.S., likely sooner than later based on this latest announcement. The thoughts for many of them including members of my own family is “we need to watch the signs and be ready”. That IS important especially when it comes to world events and there is also the far more important task of spreading The Gospel to all corners of the world. Only when everyone has had the opportunity to decide will Christ return. Not before.

Jesus told the Apostles a Parable that had a Double Meaning very relevant to belivers today. I’m talking about the Parable of the Master who left Talents to Three servants before going on a trip. The first two servants invested the Talents they were entrusted with and were rewarded accordingly when the Master returned. The third servant buried the Talents he was given until his Master returned and was not only punished but his Talents were taken from him and given to one of the other two.

I mentioned this Parable has a Double Meaning. The first meaning is one the people of the time could easily understand on the surface: If we’re entrusted with money or resources, we are responsible to use it wisely and not waste it. If you misuse or waste what you are entrusted with, it will be taken from you and you’ll be punished accordingly.  The meaning for us today is everyone has their own unique talents, skills and abilities given by God. We need to be using what we’ve been given to do His will whatever it may be.

…There is much work that must be done but not enough workers in short.

I made a comment to this effect in a previous post now that I mention it about how Missionary work is being shamefully underfunded. If you ever wondered why you need to pay so much out of pocket to go on a Mission trip, this is the biggest reason why. In years’ past, most gave extra money for missionary work. These days, most only give the bare minimum. Many Pastors who have done missionary work reply when asked when Christ will return will usually respond unemphatically and with clear frustration “Not today.” Too many Protestants and Adventists in the West have become complacent is the problem. Thankfully, God is finding willing belivers elsewhere to do His will as He has over time.

We are seeing prophecy being fulfilled before our very eyes. This is not a time to be sitting around though. The whole world needs to understand what is going on and why it matters to them.


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Watch Doug Batchelor’s 5-Part Doctrines that Divide Miniseries Here!

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I’ve been watching the 5-part miniseries as it airs the last few months but only recently did I realize it was actually a 5-part miniseries done by Pastor Doug Batchelor. You can find it on the Amazing Facts website here but I will save you a click and embed all 5 parts into this post via YouTube.

For the purposes of the “Debates” in this 5-part miniseries–and Pastor Batchelor is open about it being an “unfair” debate off the bat–he plays two roles. He represents Adventist beliefs as himself and represents all other Christian denominations as the fictional “Pastor Barney”. For those who may not know, Pastor Bachelor knows much about what the other denominations believe because he was of them before he became a member of the SDA Church.


Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


Part 4


Part 5


Clearly Pastor Batchelor did his homework before doing this miniseries. Even after becoming an Adventist, he continues to keep up with what other denominations talk about in his spare time not just to know but because in these times, one can’t afford to be ignorant of what is being said in other circles. He focuses on areas of mutual agreement but draws a hard line on obvious areas of contrast including The Sabbath, The State of the Dead and The Second Coming of Christ. I started reading, listening and watching what other denominations say in my spare time and a lot of what I’ve seen told me the SDA Church is a good fit for me (and I’ll get into my reasoning in a separate post).


Adventists are a minority denomination despite recent growth and worldwide familiarity thanks in no small part to Amazing Facts Ministries, Hope Channel and the Adventist Disaster Relief Agency or ADRA for short. I highly reccommend getting both the Amazing Facts and Hope Channel Apps. Hope Channel, also known as Hope TV is the official network of the SDA Church and is broadcast worldwide in over two dozen languages like Amazing Facts Ministries. On both Apps you can stream Live and Pre-recorded programming.


There are many who have made it clear they will choose the customs and traditions of Man over Bible Truth and I’m talking about other Christians. Ask any Adventist Pastor and they would be happy to either talk, debate or do Bible Study with you on anything you may have questions about. Adventists have nothing to hide about what we believe and why we believe what we believe either.


Contrary to what some want everyone to believe, The Bible can speak for itself. Search the scriptures for yourself and don’t rely on someone else’s interpretation. There is something else I want to say but it’s best said in a separate post.


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Amazing Facts website draws criticism for article about President Trump’s recent comments

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Read the Full Article Here.

The article, which was written by Mark A. Keller yesterday is an Op-Ed on US President Donald Trump’s recent comments proclaiming himself “The Chosen One” and “The King of Israel”. These comments came several days after President Trump drew scathing criticism nationwide for saying–and I’m paraphrasing–anyone who votes for a Democrat is disloyal.

A quote used in the article hits home the point that so many chose to ignore: “Messianic claims are dangerous, because God does not share glory with anyone.”

Almost immediately after it was posted online, what I suspect to be the real loyalties of many longtime supporters of Amazing Facts were revealed via Social Media. Most clearly did not read the article and just reacted to the headline despite the note urging people to read the article in its entirety before commenting. Many even criticized longtime Amazing Facts President Pastor Doug Batchelor, falsely blaming him for writing the article (he didn’t). I will not be surprised if Pastor Batchelor comments on the article himself and the reactions to it. He usually does comment on big topics like this and likely will have to given how polarizing it exposed many Adventists in America truly are.

Before I give my opinion on the President Trump’s recent comments, if you want to see my opinion on all things politics (mostly US), I have a separate blog for that here. I also want to say on a personal note that the kind of person he is and has been is well documented since the 1980s, most of which is available online. I have also discussed him quite a bit since the 2016 election on my blog on politics. Weather you like or dislike the current US president, ignoring what the media reports on him doesn’t mean it’s “fake news” or the critcism against him is “unfair” just because he says so.

All that said.

It never ceases to amaze me when many of those who like or support President Trump specifically–separate from those who support whoever the current president happens to be–are on the one hand quick to say they “like how straightforward he is and that he always says what he means” but on the other hand are also quick to say “that’s not what he really meant!” whenever he makes inflammatory or controversial statements and comments.

President Trump’s recent comments are just the latest in many, many well documented public statements that years ago but that doesn’t mean they should be disregarded as “partisan politics” as Trump himself and Conservative Media routinely do. Without getting into the politics, this same US President is a selfish, self-centered individual who truly believes he can do no wrong. I am deeply troubled and concerned so many self-professed Christians in America are so enamored by a man who in truth looks down on anyone who isn’t either useful to him or praises him and has been both open and unapologetic about the fact he’s extremely petty. Even more troubling is many of these SAME self-professed Christians don’t even KNOW what they’re doing.

President Trump is an easy example of The Blind Leading the Blind as the saying goes. The idea that many American Christians are quick to defend comments like this from this IS President betrays their own ignorance and gullability. This isn’t meant to be a political statment any more than the rest of the post now should it be seen as such. Mark A. Keller had to be careful of what he said in his article because he knew how many may react to just the headline alone. I don’t have the same burden he does and that’s why I didn’t hold back.

Folks need to understand now is not the time to get caught up the toxic wasteland that is American Politics. That’s exactly what Satan wants. The time and energy spent arguing political views on social media is time better spent doing other things. Satan wants us to be distracted by things like American Politics as it means we’re not focusing on far more important things that actually do matter. While yes we should be good citizens wherever we live, we answer to a higher authority at the end of the day. We as Christians are supposed to be in the world but not get bogged down by things like this. American Politics is nothing but a huge distraction that brings out the worst in friends, family, coworkers. neighbors and even church communities. More so in the last several decades.

To those who may take issue with me taking the time to address this matter, you’re free to unsubscribe if you want. I don’t care personally. If you feel that strongly, about this matter, that’s between you and God. With both this blog an my blog on Politics, I decided a long time ago I will not be afraid to discuss topics and issues I feel are important even when I know it will make someone feel uncomfortable.

…For the record I am not a Democrat or a Republican but I am a registered voter. I’ve voted in every election national and local since I turned 18 as well.


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Speaking of Denominational Exceptionalism

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…This is a subject Adventists are not immune from and most especially in the US.

I’m talking about Denominational Exceptionalism.

In Islam, there are the Sunni and Shi’ite factions. In Judaism there’s Orthodox and Unorthodox. Both are still considered to be Muslim or Jewish though. Christianity has almost 35 recognized denominations–22 based in the U.S.–and all of them believe they are “The One”. Obviously, each denomination has their own set of unique beliefs. I won’t go into the specifics of what everyone believes but like I said, members of all believe they are “The One”.

…Adventists are no different.

I have been seeing Doug Batchelor of Amazing Facts and John Bradshaw of It Is Written as well as Dwight Nelson, Carton Byrd and other Adventist pastors whose programming is on Hope TV/Hope Channel, 3ABN, Amazing Facts TV and It Is Written TV pushing back hard against Denomination Exceptionalism from within the church.

The reason is simple: It’s short-sighted to think that way.

I mentioned at the top Adventists are not immune to the practice of Denominational Exceptionalism. The other Christian Denominations consider Adventists to be “Legalists” for using nothing but the Bible as the basis for all of its tenets. Not just one but all including The Sabbath, which is a big aspect that separates Adventists from the other Denominations.

The Bible makes it clear that there will be two groups of people at The Second Coming: Those who will be Saved and Those who will be Lost. There is no third group. Just one or the other. Not all who will be Saved will be Christian either. God loves using loopholes to Save people. Christ’s First Advent foretold in Eden is one such example. Contrary to what the Devil wants the world to believe, God is Love. God wants everyone to live and everyone to be Saved.

God can also use anyone to do his will even if they don’t know him. King Cyrus of Medo-Persia was named in scripture 150 years before his time as the one who would overthrow the Babylonian Empire in a single night. Studies conducted on past civilizations have revealed that there were people who worshipped a single Creator God despite neighboring people worshipping multiple Gods.

Anyways my point is once you get into the whole “My beliefs are the only ones that matter” mindset as a Christian, you’re only fooling yourself. Jesus himself there are many who think they will be saved and they won’t be. Many will also be very surprised to see who will be Saved as well. God forgave King David, who was an Adulterer. Jesus forgave a Thief crucified next to him. As long as you focus on just what’s in front of you, you will never be able to understand the larger picture.

Adventist Pastor Carton Byrd often said in his early Breath of Life sermons “It’s not important to believe what you believe but why you believe what you believe.” There are too many Christians across all denominations worldwide who can’t even explain what their beliefs are or what even about what their Denomination is about. If you can’t explain it to someone clearly and simply. you probably don’t know much about it yourself.

Here’s the 3 points I share with folks when explaining what Adventists Believe.

  1.  We believe the world was made in 6 literal days and God rested from his work on the 7th Day.
  2. We believe in the Second Coming of Jesus and the state of the world are signs of his soon coming.
  3. We believe the Bible alone is the sole authority for all things and not any man or tradition.

If you want a more detailed explaination, go here:


Now here are the 3 points I share with folks when I explain why I am an Adventist:

  1. I believe in the Adventist Message regarding the Second Coming, The Sabbath and other things.
  2. I believe the Bible alone should be the only standard for my faith as does the SDA Church.
  3. I believe that over time, these beliefs will be adopted and practiced by Christians who will adopt in 1 and 2.

…That’s it.

I don’t force my beliefs on others. That’s not what anyone considers themselves a Follower of Christ or one who Believes in God should be promoting or endorsing either. God’s a big believer in choice and respects free will weather it’s to His benefit or not at the end of the day.

The Bible outlines when Lucifer Rebelled, God could’ve wiped him out with just a thought. Instead, he gave space for the angels to decide who they want to side with–God or Lucifer. Two thirds chose God, a third chose Lucifer. In Eden, God gave Adam and Eve a single Commandment: Don’t eat from a specific tree because in doing so, you’re sure to die. When they did, God could have and would have been within His right to immediately end the Human Race and start over but He didn’t.

Cold Logic dicates God made the wrong choice not only sparing their lives but allowing Human History to play out. God is clearly Logical though. I said earlier God loves using Loopholes to Save people. After all God is Love ^_^




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Before I forget, yes I am on Twitter

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If you already follow me on Twitter, you’ll see this same post and another one multiple times since I posted them on ALL of my WordPress blogs at once.

I’ll keep this one short, though. Assuming you’re reading this first from WordPress, my Twitter handle is @LaVonDavis617. Feel free to Direct Message me on Twitter if you’d like–I only recently found out what and how to DM on that note–and I’ll get back to you when I can.

The easiest way to get in touch with me without knowing my phone number is via Google Hangouts or iMessage. I have an Android Phone but I also have an iPad. I can text an iPhone as long as I know the number but if you wanted to text my iPad first, you will need to know my iCloud Email. It’s the same with Google Hangouts, which requires either an Android Phone number or a Gmail account.

  • My iCloud is
  • My Gmail is

…My iPad is Wi-Fi only but I’m pretty good at getting back to people fairly quickly. This way, everyone has at least 3 different ways to get in touch with me. Of course, you can also just email me if you want.

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In general, I like to be consistent in what I do and say

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When I first launched this blog 7 years ago, it was meant to be a backup to my old website Serene I never would have imagined back then that I would have gone on to make 10–soon to be 11–more blogs on WordPress. I spent almost $500 on just operating costs with my original website over an 8 year period. I was able to do WAY more than that for free these past 7 years with WordPress.

My personal life has been in limbo over the last three–no, five–years in particular. Even so, I have learned a lot over the last 3 years I have been unemployed. My work as an Independent Consultant is a new venture I started late last year. I’ve got some big aspirations but I am also realistic. I know my limitations but I don’t think that disqualifies me from needing and wanting to make some big life changes.

Priority #1 is being able to support myself financially. To that end, I decided to start a Consulting Firm. Of course it’s not currently licensed or registered but that will change once I have the money to make it happen. At the same time, I am still looking for employment. The money I do make as an Independent Consultant isn’t much and isn’t consistent enough to really be considered income. I can’t even report it for tax purposes or I would have already.

This is something I have been saying to the people I’ve met in the last few years a lot lately: People have learned to love things and use people when it should be the other way around. You’re not rich until you have something money can’t buy. I have no interest in being rich or famous. Doing things for others makes me happy at the end of the day. At the same time, I am far more likely to go out of my way for someone who I know will appreciate the help I provide.

Every time I get a Like for one of my blog posts, I know someone appreciated the effort I put into it as well as the content. I have written almost 1,000 articles across my 11 blogs. I took my time putting every single one of them together.

For almost two years now, you’ve seen this at the end of every article:

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I recently got a Roku device and can now watch Hope Channel on TV again!

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I got one a few weeks ago and for the first time since my laptop broke in November, I can now watch Hope Channel on a larger screen. I found the Apps for It Is Written and Amazing Facts on my iPad and they were both on Roku, too. I now have access to not just live programming but on demand access to a treasure trove of Adventist and Christian programming across all three of these Apps.

…All FREE, too. All that’s needed is an internet connection.

Given the times we now live in, I feel it is more important than ever that I have ready access to the Bible Truth spoken via all three of these services. “What about the Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN)?”, you might ask. My first exposure to Adventist programming was 3ABN about 16 years ago. No disrespect intended to 3ABN founder and president Danny Shelton but I never liked that network personally. The original programming just feels far too scripted and patronizing to me. That’s just my personal opinion though.

By the way, Hope Channel is the official network for the Seventh Day Adventist Church. I do believe It Is Written and Amazing Facts are also at least partially funded by the SDA Church but I can’t remember offhand. All three as well as 3ABN have Apps that can be downloaded free of charge on Android and iOS or watched via web browsers on a computer. If you have a Roku (or similar device), you can watch them on your TV. You can also get a Daystar Satellite to watch 3ABN and Hope Channel. Most don’t know this but Hope Channel is also available on DirecTV on channel 216.

All that said, I highly reccommend getting a Roku. You can get a basic device for as low as $30 and all versions offer the same types of services. The higher end ones are designed for higher end TVs is all. Setup takes about 15 minutes. They include the Roku device itself, the Roku Remote, an HDMI cable and the power cord. An internet connection is required and you will need to make a Roku account, which itself free. This is important: You can only us one Roku device on one TV at a time BUT you can use several Roku Devices with a single Roku Account. It’s not that different from hooking up a video game console but is far smaller in comparison. Anyway once you get it up and running, you can download the relevant Apps and watch immediately.

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Not only can you watch live programming but you can also watch programs on demand. Doug Batchelor’s first Prophecy Seminar from 1999 is available on the Amazing Facts App in its entirety. Even back then, Pastor Batchelor explained things in a way that is both easy to understand and grounded in Bible Truth. That marked the first time I remember the SDA Church made a serious push to bring Bible Truth to a world in dire need of it using mass media.

It was an official introduction to the world of sorts for the SDA Church to not just explain what we believe but more importantly, why we believe what we believe. Since then, the SDA Church would concentrate spreading Bible Truth regionally across the world to a people hungry for it. About 10 years ago, the SDA Church decided to shift focus on people living in Cities. As the human population is expected to reach 8 Billion by 2030, more and more people are moving into the cities of the world. While most denominations have traditionally focused missionary work on remote and rural areas, the SDA Church is making a concious and aggressive push to bring The Gospel to every corner of the largest cities in the world.

Image result for The 10-40 Window

Last year, I mentioned The 10-40 Window in one of my posts. As a refresher, most of the Human population lives in this area of the world. Three of the world’s largest religions–Islam, Hinduism and Buddism–are also the most concentrated in the highlighted region. China’s population is 3.5 Billion and India’s is 1.1 Billion–almost half the world’s population combined and almost two thirds of the world population combined. Most Christian denominations avoid The 10-40 Window because in many of these countries, it’s either punishable by death to convert from the state religion (Saudi Arabia, Iran and Syria for example) or local traditions are seen as too strong a barrier to overcome (Thailand, Japan, China and India for example).

When missionaries and evangelists publicly share stories about their experiences in some of these countries, they always preface it with either “I can’t name the country” or “In a certain country I can’t name”. They will also make up names in reference to people they interacted with as well. It’s mainly to protect the lives of the people they worked with when they were there first and make sure it’s possible for other outsiders to get in second. These are the countries where not just you but anyone who helps you is literally putting their lives on the line for the Gospel. Literature is burned at the least and conspirators are sentenced to death at the worst. Those who live in Europe, Australia, Parts of Africa + South Pacific and The Americas can only imagine what that must be like. Well, for now anyway.

This is to say nothing of the lack of funds and manpower being committed across all Christian denominations to mission work and spreading The Gospel in general. These Apps do help bridge the gap but they are not a substitute for real people and literature on the ground. The Lord is moving behind the scenes to open boarders for The Gospel. It is more important than ever for everyone to hear the last day message. These Apps certainly go a long way in bringing the Gospel to the world.


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Christianity’s dark history is why most outside the Western World don’t call themselves “Christian”

Most Christians in Western Europe, North America and Australia avoid discussing eras like the Crusades and the Inquisition not just because both events paint Christianity in a negative light but also because more often, they don’t know the truth hidden within the truth. A lot of it comes from how Christianity went from an underground movement after Jesus’ time to the State Religion of the Roman Empire almost 300 years later.

If you ask anyone where the phrase “Christian” came from, they’ll either tell you they don’t know or “It says so in the Bible”, which isn’t true. The term was first used by Roman authorities and Jewish leaders to describe Christ’s followers. In fact, it was meant to be used as an insult but the Early Church owned it and used to for good. In recent times, Christianity has been associated with hypocrisy and rightfully so.

…Its dark history is why.

Those who know their Roman history knows Emperor Constantine’s conversion to Christianity suddenly made a long outlawed belief system the Roman Empire considered the biggest non-military threat to its existence the state religion overnight. A people who were marginalized and brutally persecuted for years were now free to evangelize but it came at a steep price that wouldn’t be realized until almost a thousand years later.

That price was compromise and the mixing of traditions:

  • Zeus was replaced with Jesus as the main spiritual figure in the new Roman Catholic Church. Athena was replaced with the The Virgin Mary.
  • Idols and statues were everywhere in the Polythiestic beliefs of the Roman Empire. The Old Ways were prettymuch dressed up to be “Holy” in short as a compromise to Pagans.
  • The biggest “small” compromise: The Day of Worship was changed from Saturday to Sunday. Sunday was the holiday for the pagans already and honors their Sun God. The explaination given both then and to a lesser extent now for the change was to separate themselves from the Jews, who still honored the original Seventh Day Sabbath. There is nothing in the Bible to support the Sabbath Day being changed from Saturday to Sunday and those claiming there is always presents passages out of context and not even understanding themselves.
  • The Pope’s title is “VICARIUS FILII DEI” which translated to English means “Vicar of the Son of God”. In other words, the Pope claims to have power equal or greater to Christ. Of course, it’s code for something else: If you treat the Latin characters in the Pope’s title as Roman numberals, the sum of “VICARIUS FILII DEI” is 666.
  • The Roman Catholic Church introduced the concept of baptism by sprinkling to be just as good as baptism by imersion with no biblical backing.


The Roman Catholic Church rose from the ashes of the Roman Empire and used the nearly 1000 years before the invention of the Printing Press to plunge Christianity into a Dark Age. Before Gutenberg’s Printing Press, few outside the Church owned a bible and the reason for this is because the only way to get one was for it to be copied by hand. That made owning your own bible next to impossible unless you were rich.

Before the printing press, most people had no choice but to go by what they were told by church leaders. That made it all the more easy for Catholicism to introduce, spread and popularize practices not mentioned in the Bible. No one dared question what they were told mainly out of ignorance and lack of access to scripture themselves. The church quickly realized it was far easier to control the masses if they kept the truth out of reach. Yes they often helped meet physical needs over time but for spiritual needs, they spread alot of misinformation and untruths.

That brings us from the Dark Ages to The Crusades. Everyone knows Western Europe–specifically England and France–financed three campaigns to “liberate” Jeruselem, which was firmly under Muslim rule. The atrocities committed in the name of God have never been forgotten by the Muslim world almost 600 years later. The Pope at the time basically promised complete absolution to all–as in all sins would be forgiven–to all who enlisted and joined the campaign to take Jersualem from the “Muslim heretics” who controlled it. This is what can happen when Church and State are allowed to mix.

The first Crusade ended in failure but Christianity managed to capture Jerusalem with the Second after the Pope’s decree. The reports say once the gates of the city were break, everyone inside–including Christians–were massacred. The bloodlust of the invading forces was that fervent. The Muslims soldiers who managed to escape with their lives were demoralized but regrouped under the leadership of the legendary Saladin. The hollywood movie Kingdom of Heaven portrays Jerusalem’s rapid fall back into the hands of the Muslims. A Third Crusade attempted a few years later was stopped due to the lack of funding. France and England both refused to fund a third Crusade and…yeah. Jerusalem would remain under the control of the Muslims until the early 1950s after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire.

The US and the UN helped establish Israel as an independent nation but the ancient capital city of Jerusalem revered by 3 faiths–Christianity, Islam and Judaism–was disputed between the newly formed Israel and the Muslim nation that had been there long before, Palestime. A compromise was struck: Jerusalem would be open to all but in exchange, Palestine’s capital would now be Gaza City and Israel’s would be Tel Aviv. Jerusalem has been fought over–I mean literally–ever since but I won’t digress further.

The atrocities the Roman Catholic Church committed during and after the Medieval Times–not just the sex abuse scandals from 10 years ago–was all in the name of holding on to and expanding its power over the world. The current Pope has been taking steps toward regaining some of that terrible power it lost a few centuries ago. The late 1700s saw Europe turn its back on not just the Roman Catholic Church but Christianity as a whole. Many, many people in power at the time had opened their eyes to how corrupt the Papacy truly was and in some cases were establishing their own churches in defiance to the Vatican. King James of England is the most known–the King James Version of the Bible is from that time. When he came to power in France, Napoleon Bonaparte prettymuch outlawed religion entirely.

How did an entire continent that was long considered the bastion of Christianity lose almost 1,000 years’ worth of influence by the start of the 1800s? I just told you: Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. If not for the almost overnight pivot away from the Roman Catholic Church, the Protestant movements that gained traction across Europe in the last few centuries before the French Revolution would not have flourished.

It’s true the Pilgrims who landed at Plymouth Rock 400 years ago–about 52 minutes’ drive southeast from Boston–sought Religious Freedom from the Church of England. It’s also true they brought the same intolerances of the Roman Catholic Church whose teachings the claimed to reject to The New World with them: The imfamous Salem Witch Trials (1692 and 1693). That incident which would today be considered a grave human rights violation likely played a role in the United States erecting a wall between Church and State at the time of its founding almost 100 years later. That hasn’t stopped many from inside and outside America to call it a “Christian Nation”.

The problem is its own history speaks to the hypocrisy of this so-called “Christian Nation”. A few things I’ll highlight:

  • At the time its founding, the owners of African Slaves fought hard to ensure they would be allowed to continue to own slaves at the time of the country’s founding. It’s true that some of the founders were themselves slave owners but they did grant their slaves freedom out of moral obligation. Most stayed on and were well taken care of.
  • During the almost 100 years between America’s founding at the Civil War, slave owners used Scripture to justify their Slavery in the US. Yes, this really happened.
  • During the 100 years between the end of the Civil War and the Voting Rights Act of 1965, the American Aparthied aka Jim Crowe kept African Americans as second class citizens. Hitler himself once commented the Jim Crowe laws were too extreme even for him. So…yeah.
  • More so in recent years, the US Government is hastening to block or at least slow immigrants from entering the country. The irony being America was founded by immigrants.

I’ll stop there but see this blog post I made a while back for even more examples.

I’ll put it like this: The world’s biggest problem with America is the overt hypocrisy. Not just to other nations but the people who live within its boarders. Did you know the current White House Administration is actually violating International Law by threatening to close the US-Mexico boarder? Did you also know it is also a violation of International Law for a country to bar refugees from entering while they are undergoing the process to be legally recognized as refugees? Yes it is and I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t know that. Repeatedly over the course of it’s history, American Exceptionalism has put it at odds with the rest of the world. The only difference is now, the rest of the world is no longer willing or able to put up with it.

America is being left behind on every level including Spiritual. While it is true almost two thirds of Americans either grew up Christian or self-identify as either Christian or followers of Christ, America is morally and spiritually dead. Not dying or in decline but dead. The broad reason is because of selfishness and a lack of purpose. Most American Christians only care about  what they can get and receive. This is what happens when you live in nation that has in recent years hastened the destruction of the wall between Church and State–mostly at the behest of outspoken Christian preachers calling for an America with “Christian Values at its core”. We went through this before with Rome.

…Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

I apologize for falling behind with the blog but given the times we are living in, I have been doing quite a bit of watching especially in recent years. Prophecies are being fulfilled before our very eyes and mant of very people who should be watching the signs and wonders are clueless. I’m talking about Christians just so we’re clear.


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An important warning to parents about the “Momo” Challenge and self-harm videos that target kids

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I was preparing to make a blog post to comment on the sudden rise of self-harm videos that have been reported on YouTube Kids all month when I got word of this imfamous Momo Challenge that has been reported worldwide. At this point I think it would be fair to say it’s not an urban legend and is in fact a real thing. Local Law Enforcement are trying to get the word out because the Momo Challenge threatens and encourages kids and teens to do dangerous things and eventually, suicide.

Here’s how it starts: Users are asked to add Momo as a WhatsApp contact via YouTube, Facebook or some other social media platform. It specifically targets kids, teens and in some cases Young Adults. Once the connection is made, things immediately get scary…and dangerous…and possibly deadly, too. The entity known as Momo makes contact and immediately threatens and intimidatinng the victim into doing what it says, saying things like “I’m watching you” or “If you tell anyone, you’ll die”. Kids as young as six years old have apparently been targeted by this Momo Challenge. It specifically targets children and teens because they’re far more likely to accept what they see at face value and do what they’re being told.

I do believe Momo is actually a botting program that is being intentionally spread online. There certainly are chat bots sophisticated enough to carry a conversation as if it was a real person. They do what they’re programmed to do in short. Of course, I would be able to tell the difference fairly quickly between a bot or a real person. A child? Absolutely not. Certainly not a 6 year old. On the one hand, it’s fine to ignore the messages. On the other hand, kids are being specifically targeted. So…yeah.

I mentioned other self-harm videos.

Even worse is both the Momo Challenge and other self-harm videos seem to have hijacked YouTube Kids, which is a kid-friendly version of YouTube. Google, which is aware is trying to address the problem but for now it’s highly reccommended you uninstall the YouTube and YouTube Kids Apps from your kids’ devices for now and block the site on your computers at home. Why go that far? Well, the self-harm videos, which describe in graphic detail how to commit suicide are disguised as innocent-looking cartoons kids are familiar with. It starts looking normal but then it gets dark and scary. Even worse is it ends by encouraging kids to go through with it.


There are some sick, sick people out there sadly.

I would reccommend parents sit down and talk to their kids about the Momo Challenge as well as the Self-Harm videos. Tell them if they see anything online telling them or showing them how to hurt themselves to report the content immediately and don’t do what it says. Let them know all actions have consequences not just for them but everyone they know.

Most importantly, pray for them and pray with them. Assure them that all they need to do is call on the name of the Lord and they have nothing to fear from what they are seeing. This is the work of the devil. He is working overtime to get to your families and your children in any way he can. Nothing is off limits to him and this is why it’s all the more important to be vigilant and monitor what your children is doing online even if it looks familiar.


To the internet tough guys who think this is hoax, “Don’t see a problem” or feel “They’re doing parents a service”, you won’t feel that way when it’s your child or the child of someone you know. I promise you that. While yes, I certainly don’t think kids as young as 3 should be using the internet unsupervised, that doesn’t excuse the malicious and vile actions of the people who are doing and spreading these things online. Show me a 3, 4 or 5 year old child who has never seen one of these messages of evil before who would watch them and think it’s just “harmless fun”.

There is absolutely nothing “harmless” or “fun” about what these self-harm videos and the Momo Challenge are looking to intimidate and scare kids into doing. Yes, they revealed some glaring flaws in YouTube and YouTubeKids’ (and Facebook’s) prescreening algorithms but it doesn’t change the fact someone is deliberately doing this. The disturbing content is embedded in episodes of kids’ programming and uploaded to YouTube. In other words, someone is deliberately doing this for the sole purpose to traumatizing a child at best and coercing them into doing what they’re being told at worst. To date, 2 kids in Columbia (the country) have committed suicide because of these self-harm videos.

The disturbing content appears about 14 to 16 minutes into an otherwise normal episode of children’s programming and lasts for about 20 to 30 seconds. Short enough to not get picked up by YouTube’s pre-screening algorithims but still long enough to deliver its vile message. I have seen the messages myself and for reasons that should be obvious, I am not sharing here what is said. I will say for the Momo Challenge users are directed to add a phone number from Mexico, Russia or India to their contacts and contact Momo via WhatsApp under threat of death to them and/or their friends. Again: young children are being specifically targeted. They have no way of knowing they have nothing to fear from what they saw.

Like I said before, I do believe Momo–like Blue Whale before it–is a chat bot. It’s not an actual person but a scripting program someone made to sow chaos. I also believe the phone number is randomly generated and this is also why I am not sharing any numbers. Again, a young child would not know it’s not a real person. All they know is they’re being told to hurt themselves or put themselves in dangerous situations in very specific ways and if they don’t do what they’re told, something bad will happen to them or the people they care about. They are directed to not tell anyone or “I will know” and “I can see you right now so I’ll know if you tell anyone” obviously. Again, young kids who don’t know better are being exposed to this.

I am urging folks to reblog this post and help get the word out. The whole world is talking about this. That’s how serious this is. No one is taking this as “a hoax”. Kids are getting hurt at worst and in two cases, someone has died. This is one “game” that needs to be stopped immediately.

It’s like I said in a previous post on this blog: Evil is actively seeking out children via the internet and they are coming up with more and more ways to do it without ever meeting them in person. Unsupervised internet access for children under 13 especially is unacceptible. Know what your children are doing online weather they are home or elsewhere.


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It Is Written’s recent “The Dangers of Technology” Special is a Must-Watch for All Parents

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I will be posting a variation of this on my main blog as well as my video game blog and my new blog on Politics and News.

As more of the world has access to the internet and social media compared to 20 years ago, it is even more important than ever that we exercise caution when it comes to how we use modern technology. More importantly, leave nothing to chance when it comes to protecting children from the online predators who are actively seeking them out.

When it comes to the internet and social media, privacy is a thing of a past. The most valuable currency online is not money but personal information. After all, sites like Facebook and Twitter are hit by cyber attackers looking to gain access to the personal information of the millions who use those sites. Said information is in turn sold to the highest bidder or used to open lines of credit in your name. It’s not like the 90s where you had to be browsing certain kinds of websites to get into trouble. Now, the trouble is actively prowling Social Media and online games looking for their next victim.

Even those adults who know little about the internet knows not to disclose certain kinds of information to complete strangers they meet online. The same can’t be said about children and that is why pedophiles and sex predators have become more bold and brazen than they have in the past in luring children through social media and video games. When I say “child”, I mean someone who is 17 and under for the purposes of this blog post.

Here’s 5 questions I want to pose to you:

  1. Does your child have their own Social Media account(s)?
  2. Does your child play video games online at home and if so, does the game have a text chat or voice chat feature?
  3. Do you have pictures of your children posted or shared on your own Social Media account?
  4. Does your child have a desktop/laptop, netbook, cell phone or tablet that only they use?
  5. Does your child use technology unsupervised?

If your answered Yes to ANY of these questions, your child could be targeted by online predators or already may be. Just so folks know, most Social Media platforms state one must be at least 13 years old to make an account. Facebook has been aggressively closing accounts made by underage users to protect them from the pedophiles prowling the site for children.

It’s not just Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. Pedophiles are prowling popular video games like Minecraft and Fortnite specifically looking for kids to approach. First they gain the child’s trust and then things get dark and perverse fast. Of course, they approach pretending to be kids themselves wanting to be friends. Once they’re sure they’re talking to a child, they start asking age inappropriate questions.

If your child uses social media or video games with private chat features, ask them if they have been asked or told any of the following questions by someone they met online:


  1. “Where do you live?”
  2. “What’s your first name?”
  3. “Can you send me a pic? I want to see what you look like.” and “You look cute/good. Wanna be my boy/girl friend?”
  4. “You sound young. How old are you?”
  5. “What are you wearing right now?”
  6. “Can I have your cell number/email? I have something to show you.”
  7. “Can we video chat/FaceTime?”
  8. “Would you like to meet?”

If your child answered Yes to any of these, they may be talking to a pedophile. NONE of these are appropriate for an adult to knowingly ask anyone under 18, let alone under 13. Of course, most kids wouldn’t know. The predator’s fishing for info to confirm who they’re talking to is in fact a child and not an undercover cop. Once that’s confirmed, they work on two things: Getting a child to send them nude photos or video and arranging an in-person meetup. Again, a child wouldn’t know. Such material is usually quickly shared on Child Porn sites.

The only way to prevent this from happening is to use your Parential Discretion and actively monitor your child. Here is a checklist I highly reccommend:

  • Set Parental Locks on any video game systems, cellphones or tablets and other electronic devices your child will be using. This helps limit the device’s communication features both ways.
  • On your Facebook account set photos of your children to Friends of Friends, Friends or Me Only. This severely limits who can see them. At the same time, do not set pictures of your children as your Profile or Cover Photo. That invites predators and pedophiles to browse your photos and download pictures of your children without your permission or knowledge.
  • If you child plays video games online, tell them not to tell anyone they don’t know in person their name, age, phone number, email address or game account information.
  • Children under 14 should not have a computer in their bedroom unless there is internet filtering software installed or parental locks enabled on it. On both PCs and Macs, you can set parental locks that restrict both internet usage and installing or modifying programs.

…No longer are we worrying about Pedophiles just hiding in plain sight. They have figured out how to target children from the safety of their own homes. In short, extra care needs to be taken when kids are using technology. Talk to your children about the importance of internet safety and privacy. Tell them that not everyone who is friendly to them is who they say they are and teach them the importance of not revealing their real name, age or location to anyone they have never met in person before.

If your child has a cell phone, make sure they understand no one they have not personally met is allowed to know their cell phone number. Boys and girls should also be instructed to never take pictures of themselves with no clothes on and more importantly, tell anyone who asks for such pictures NO. Make sure children understand only a parent, adult family member or doctor is allowed to see or touch their private parts or butt and no one else. Just put it like that. Make sure they understand it’s not ok to show their private parts to anyone else with or without their permission. For teenagers under 18, make sure they understand they and whoever they’re dating can be charged with posession of child porn for “Sexting” even if it is consentual (and it usually is consentual) as long as one or both is under 18.

These days, constant vigilance is the only way to ensure the safety of the most vulnerable from the predators who actively seek them out. Most children are very trusting and have no way of knowing the harm in talking to a complete stranger or exchanging nude pictures with a complete stranger who asks. All they know is someone is being very nice to them and is giving them their complete attention. They have no way of knowing howing why they are being asked for pictures of their private parts. Such images or video are almost immediately shared with other pedophiles via the Dark Web and once something is shared on the Dark Web, there’s no going back.

…If you’re a parent or guardian and terrified by now, you should be. Use the information I provided and put it to protecting your children. Like I said at the top, the monsters change with the times. It’s on us to change with the times and do what we can to keep ahead of them.

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